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Skin System

Light Weight & Light Transmitting

Alternative to traditional glazings and roofing materials

The CrystaLite Skin System has been designed to be a cost effective, light weight and weather tight glazing system for over decks, patios, or any non-heated space - great for greenhouses.

CrystaLite Skin System provides you with all the parts and pieces for a home owner do-it-yourself water proof overhead glazing system. Installation of the various parts and pieces are adaptable for your unique project. Its usage requires that a structurally supported framework, that meets local building requirements, be constructed in consideration of your areas snow and wind loads.

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Skin System Documents & Resources

  • CSI Specification DOC
  • Quote / Ordering Packet PDF
  • Skin System Warranty PDF
PDF / DWG Details
Multiwall Polycarbonate
  • Multiwall Tech Manual PDF
  • Multiwall Load Guidelines PDF
  • Multiwall Fire Testing PDF
  • Cleaning Info PDF
  • Warranty PDF
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