Glass & Aluminum Railing

for Covid-19 Protective Barriers

CrystaLite is a Northwest Washington manufacturer of high quality skylights, roof glazing, sunrooms, and railing systems. Our local dealer network and professional customers have been very resourceful in helping businesses and public spaces, protect their employees and visitors from the Covid-19 pandemic by creating unique barriers.

Most of these barriers have been constructed out of wood and plastic (acrylic) sheet material. Acrylic sheet is one of the glazing materials we construct our skylights with, and we keep a healthy stock of. Acrylic is now in high-demand, and we are happy to have played a small role as a provider of material to help others during this time.

However, wood-framed and acrylic glazed barriers is not what we recommend as a long term solution; or one that will hold up in classroom settings for a school year. Acrylic is soft, and susceptible to scratching easily. It is also likely to become cloudy after multiple cleanings with disinfectants, becoming now a visible barrier as well. Likewise, wood is not ideal either since it is absorbent, even when painted or coated. As such, it may hold germs and viruses, as well as become sticky after multiple cleaning and disinfectant spraying.

Yes, we can assist with more durable solutions

Again, our professional customers are very creative and resourceful. This design is a collaboration between one of our railing installers and a local school district. It utilizes our aluminum railing system with our standard tempered glass infill panels.

Our aluminum railings feature a high-gloss and highly durable painted finish, same that is used on automobiles, which will hold up to high traffic use and rigorous scrubbing and disinfectant spraying. Similarly, our tempered glass infill panels are very durable, meets safety glass requirements, cleans easily and will remain clear even when subjected to disinfecting agents.

We believe our glass and aluminum railing systems can provide a highly durable and easy to clean barrier, to help combat Covid-19 in the classroom, with as little visual obstruction as possible in the learning environment.

Such barriers would be ideal for banks, grocery store check-outs, restaurant counters and many other public businesses and services.

This design is an example of one of many possible solutions. We realize that plans to re-open are still being made, and guidelines are a moving target. Please don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss your needs and ideas.

Have something else in mind? Great, let's talk.

CrystaLite railing systems are offered in a handful of common styles and types, but each system is custom tailored to create unique solutions for each installation. Our systems consists of multiple component options, allowing a great deal of flexibility in design. We recognize that each situation may require a different solution. We are here to help, as best we can.

Note that our aluminum and glass materials are sourced locally. Our primary supplier of aluminum is Hydro Extrusion (SAPA Inc.), based in Portland. They receive their raw billet from regional suppliers in Ferndale and The Dalles; and 80% of their raw material is mined by local workers within 500 miles, mostly eastern WA and OR. Our railing glass panels are purchased through local vendors who receive their raw float glass from Cardinal FG in Winlock, WA; who manufactures float glass created from raw sands mined from local quarries in Washington and Oregon. Local businesses partnering with and helping our local communities, is something we are proud to be a part of.

Covid-19 Barrier Photos

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