Cable Tensioned Shades for Skylights


CrystaLite Skyblinds are the most versatile shades available. They are known as tension shades, meaning that the blinds travel on tensioned wires to allow for operation at any angle, including overhead applications. Skyblinds are typically operated manually with a telescopic pole, to pull the blinds open and closed. A battery operated electronic motor is available as well, with an AC adapter included, with the option for a handheld remote or wall switch.

Aluminum side rails are included which allow the shade to fit into a window opening up to 2" wider than the shade itself. Either side of the side rail can be used to face against the window well or towards the room. Usually the 1-3/4" side of the "L" shaped side rail is put against the walls of the window well and the 3/4" side faces into the room. Exact measurement will allow you the best fit of your shade into the window well. Wait until all drywall and other finishes are added prior to making your final measurements.

5 Year Limited Warranty

All Skyblind shades will be free from defects in materials and workmanship for a period of five years from the date of purchase. Provided such products were properly installed and that they were handled in a careful manner. Warranty does not apply to conditions caused by normal wear and tear upon the product.


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